In a highly interconnected, globalized world, emerging markets do not have the luxury of time to industrialize to catch up to advanced economies – they must leapfrog ahead to the present to be competitive. In the public sector, we help governments design policies to support the business climate where innovation can take hold and flourish. In the private sector, we focus on enabling good companies with good ideas and scalable business models to find the right partners to deploy products and services that will have the greatest impact in their respective societies. We work with partners who share our values and who are aligned with the goals of client.

Expertise and Capabilities

  • Investment, Capital Markets & Transaction Advisory

  • Investment Fund Design

  • Training and Development – Investment Readiness

  • Technology Deployment

  • Public Private Partnerships

  • Legal and Policy Reform

  • Competitiveness

  • Value Chain

  • Research

Sector Experience

  • Information Communications Technology (ICT)

  • Financial Services

  • Digital Financial Services (DFS)

  • Renewable Energy

  • Agriculture/Agribusiness/AgTech

  • Consumer Goods

  • Entrepreneurship

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